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Rotten Apples: a website which lists bad or corrupt persons abusing the power imbalance position they hold over others and unduly manipulating individuals for their own gratification within a society or group. Typically their alleged coercion, predatory, manipulation, behavior and or misconduct against a person (s) is likely to have detrimental negative influence & cause irreparable psychological harm to his or her victims. They often perpetrate against an individual without their consent or where the power dynamics of the relationship is being challenged in an effort to redefine the nature or form of consent necessary in a given circumstance.

RottenApples.com: is a website standing up for what is right. A social enterprise fighting & advocating for victims/survivors so their voices can be heard – an interactive user/member based website bringing important news-worthy content to light as well as naming public figures accused of sexual misconduct, assault and or harassment. Rotten Apples website will only use first hand sources and or mainstream, credible news publications as sources. The website will not contain or republish poorly-sourced rumors, and will not include allegations against people who are not of public interest. We hope to have the world hold these Rotten Apples accountable for their alleged misconducts while allowing our users/members to advocate against this reoccurring epidemic and finally put a stop to it.


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