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Rotten Apples - #RottenApples

Tyson¬† ¬†O’Reilly¬† ¬†Ronaldo¬† ¬†Hannity¬† ¬†Kalanick¬† ¬†Caldbeck¬† ¬†McClure¬† ¬†Sacca¬† ¬†Kelly¬† ¬†Bolling¬† Polanski¬† ¬†Elnashai¬† ¬†Belove¬† ¬†Jaeger¬† ¬†Payne¬† ¬†Knowles¬† ¬†Weinstein¬† ¬†Marchant¬† ¬†Nelly¬† Affleck¬† Stone¬† ¬†Price¬† ¬†Trump¬† ¬†von Trier¬† ¬†Grasham¬† ¬†Weinstein¬† ¬†Courtney¬† ¬†Scoble
Savino   Blaine   Steele   Besh   Toback   Jennings Kath   Landesman   Wieseltier    Guerrero   Bush   Halperin   Baker   Bocanegra   Webster   Fish   Spacey   Whalen   Kelley   Heatherton   Piven   Dick   Oreskes   Hoffman   Ratner   Carter   Corn   Masterson   Rubin   Venit  Hafford  Mendoza   Marshall   Westwick   Tambor   Knepper   Simmons   Balazs   Weiner   C.K.   Moore   Seagal   Lebsock   Smyre   Takei   Kreisberg   Goddard   Dreyfuss   Wenner Berganza  Nassar   Jensen   Schwahn   Ingenito   Sizemore   Lacey   Kruse   Larsen   Henry   Jeremy   Stallone   Franken   Zimmerman   Miller   Goodman   Thrush   Conyers   Rose   Lasseter   Arnault   Keillor   Lauer   Rush   Pishevar   Farenthold   Horovitz  Hockenberry  Kihuen   Levine   Dababneh   Martins   Singer   Martinez   Isaly   Uresti   Miles   Stein   Howard   Franks   Ford Jr.   Ashbrook   Heely   Kozinski   McNabb   Weinberger   Evans   Taylor   Faulk   Lizza   Batali   Johnson   Friedman   Smiley   Kern Murray  Spurlock   Scott   Ogden   Ramsey   Miller   Marshall   Schwartz   Lopate   Hazen   Lewandowski   Mojica   James   Germano   Creighton   Hallowell   Carrasquillo   Ayers  Harmon  Butts   Schultz   Savage   Tooker   Braun   Haggis   Vereen   Lee   Greitens   Klein   Rosen   Franco   Ansari   Testino   Weber   Kramer   Muqtar   Douglas   Levinsohn   Meehan  Moore  Lubin   Kenneally   Copperfield   Strider   Wynn   Baio   Walk   Candappa   Witty   Pacelle   Shapiro   Marciano   Cirrincione   Zwerdling   Klein   Garcia   Hutchison   Crane   Templer   Bellemere   Kadel   Passos   Sabal   Demarchelier   Kettle   Sneed   Ussery Handler  Feinberg   Krauss   Berk   Seacrest   Domínguez   Franklin   Jones   Alexie  Isabella   Ferro  Reece   Hybels   Raniere   Strampel   Kricfalusi   Nixon   Sparks   Jacoby   Strong   Mack   Brokaw   Cárdenas   Johnson   Díaz   Schneiderman   Vann   Tyndall  Tinsley   Besson  Jr.   Freeman   Hardwick   Mellor   Ayala   Hill   Caporella   Rodriguez Kratochvil   Day   Watt  Guilfoyle   Coleman   Sauer   Moonves   Ronell   Argento   Frieden  Finlay   Carlson   Parneros  Depardieu   Striegel   Keyes   Kavanaugh   Wilson   Schwertner
Alvarez   Singhal   DeVaul   Rubin   Bauman   Weatherly   Shaw


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Rotten Apples: a website which lists bad or corrupt persons abusing the power imbalance position they hold over others and unduly manipulating individuals for their own gratification within a society or group. Typically their alleged coercion, predatory, manipulation, behavior and or misconduct against a person (s) is likely to have detrimental negative influence & cause irreparable psychological harm to his or her victims. They often perpetrate against an individual without their consent or where the power dynamics of the relationship is being challenged in an effort to redefine the nature or form of consent necessary in a given circumstance.

RottenApples.com: is a website standing up for what is right. A social enterprise fighting & advocating for victims/survivors so their voices can be heard ‚Äď an interactive user/member based website bringing important news-worthy content to light as well as naming public figures accused of sexual misconduct, assault and or harassment. Rotten Apples website will only use first hand sources and or mainstream, credible news publications as sources. The website will not contain or republish poorly-sourced rumors, and will not include allegations against people who are not of public interest. We hope to have the world hold these Rotten Apples accountable for their alleged misconducts while allowing our users/members to advocate against this reoccurring epidemic and finally put a stop to it.


Here’s What You Need to Do Next: Keep checking the website for the new updated Rotten Apples website. Share & Comment on social media about Rotten Apples the website. Get ready to become a Member of this amazing new Social Enterprise and make a difference. You will be able to Fight Back and Take Action with our Resource Library and Let Your Voice Be Heard… It’s going to be really cool.